My hands down favorite toy...I call her Rosie!
Tickle Me Pink
Wear it to your next cocktail party!
 Every girl needs a treasure chest with a lock


Pretty and Effective!
I love a stainless "dil" for it's ease of cleaning!
Wear this on a date and let your date control it
Ladies Delight! It bends for dual pleasure!
Strap on and take a ride!
Classic Rabbit that remembers what settings you liked
G-Spot Stimulation? Try this!
Don't Knock It 'til You Try It!
LGBTQ+ Dildo Fun!
Double your pleasure

Sensory Play

Nipples are filled with nerve endings!
Nipple Jewels anyone?
Spank Spank!
Explore tactile play!
Tie Me Up Ribbons!
Crop For the Stars!
I Love Jewels!
Bondage and Impact Play Starter Kit Anyone?
Liberator throw blanket "king size" is my favorite!
Tie Me Up!
Candle Wax Fun!
Crop For the Stars!

Anal Play

Anal Play? 
Furry Play anyone?
Ease into it!
Two in One! Great for anal smooth!


Amazing what a little pillow can do!
Pillow splurge!
Sex Furniture...yes it is!
Spanking anyone?


Pretty and Sexy
Over door restraints for that perfect pose 
Gag in style!
When you just need them
Did anyone say Puppy Play? Fetish play is a topic in again in Season 3!
A Touch of Luxe with Your Bondage?


Plant Based Lube!
Pelvic Massage Oil and Lube! 
I'm Crazy for Coconuts (lube that is)!
 Cleanse toys in style 


Recommended for Erectile Dysfunction
For increased blood flow...use this daily guys!
Men deserve a Rose too!