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What is Please Me! ?

Please Me! is a hot new podcast that is on a mission to destigmatize conversations around sex and sexual wellness. As a sexual health practitioner, I have found that although a lot of people are having sex, not a lot of people are comfortable talking about it. I want to share my years of wisdom learned the hard way with you. I want to share all of the things you wish your mom would have taught you but didn’t…

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sexual health

Sexual Health is an important and integral part of our quality of life. Unfortunately, not many people get treatment until they have severe symptoms. There are many things that can cause issues in this area including various illnesses and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension to name a few. Blood flow is key to having proper sensation and stimulation during sex for men and women. Inspire Health offers Acoustic Wave Therapy in order to help increase that blood flow by opening blockages and creating more capillary growth.

Health Coaching

Our Health Coach will dig deeper to find out what your health and wellness goals are, and help you develop a path to achieve them. Step by step, we will encourage and inspire you to better health. Did you know that we should be eating 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Learning to bridge the gap between what you do eat and should eat can make an enormous difference in your health.

Statistics that will blow you away

How many women fake orgasm?


How long does it normally take a woman to orgasm in coupled sex?

25 minutes or more

How long does it normally take for a man to orgasm during coupled penetrative sex?

5-7 minutes

What percentage of women can orgasm from penetration alone?


What percentage of the population has an STI or sexually transmitted disease?

20% in the USA

How many people have herpes worldwide?