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Shamelessly Eve Interviews

Eve is taking a podcast tour and waxing lyrical on various different shows to talk about her message of sexual health and to loudly advocate for women’s health issues and sexual health issues in general. Eve’s belief is that through education and awareness, we can all get on our own path to sexual liberation and that sexuality is our greatest source of power, and honing that energy and that Big Clit Energy can change people’s lives for the better. She advocates for sexual health being a priority in people’s lives, and says there is no shame in sex. So she loves to talk about it and says we all deserve to get our needs met and have some ADULT FUN! Eve is a Physical Therapist that treats sexual health conditions such as erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness in her PT practice called Inspire Health Physical Therapy & Wellness! Eve is also a wellness coach and coaches her clients to be healthier from the inside out!
Listen as other podcast hosts interview the shameless Eve!

Eve Hall on Sexual Health

The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, episode 232 Eve Hall on Sexual Health    Eve Hall is a Licensed Physical Therapist who treats conditions regarding Sexual Health. She is also a Certified Health Coach who is on a mission to destigmatize conversations about sex and sexual...

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#75 Beyond the Glass Ceiling

Flip the Switch on Life #75 Beyond the Glass Ceiling   Join us in this mind-blowing conversation on how we as women are taught to show up vs how we actually desire to show up... And we mean, in the bedroom, in the boardroom (leadership) and in our relationships. There...

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Boost Your Sexual Health with Evelyn Hall 

The Fitness Oracle Boost Your Sexual Health with Evelyn Hall   When Evelyn Hall, a physical therapist, began using a machine to treat physical and sexual injuries, she encountered an ironic challenge of navigating awkward moments with unsuspecting clients seeking...

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