Physical Therapist for Sexual Wellness and the Pelvic Floor

Eve is a business owner of her company Inspire Health Physical Therapy, and the creator of a podcast that aims to destigmatize conversations around sex. Her goal is to educate listeners on how to have real conversations about sex in order to protect oneself and enjoy the beauty and pleasure of sex ethically and responsibly. Eve is fascinated by topics such as statistics surrounding sex and wants to bring this information to the forefront to educate people. All the things your mom never taught you…Eve will…

Eve has an invention that will change how we all have sex once it is on the market! She is busily working on getting it in your hands as soon as she can. Learn more about it in the products section  and preorder here!  Eve is looking for investors and is dedicating her podcast and her brand to safe sex!

As a Certified Wellness Coach, Eve has curated her favorite wellness products that help with her health. She talks about how health is wealth and nutrition is the key. Eve is a pescatarian and kickboxing aficionado and enjoys coaching her clients to better health.

Eve has enjoyed a second time around single lady life that has allowed her to grow in ways that she wants to share. She is a big believer that sex is the way adults play, and we should all get accustomed to talking about sex in order to maximize our pleasure and protect ourselves. After all…everyone deserves pleasure!

Eve is the new face of SAFE SEX!